These Genius Products Might Just Save Your Teeth

Genius ProductsWhenever you have the urge to complain that something isn’t working, take a moment to stop and think about how easy life is now compared to the way it was even just 50 years ago.

Thanks to the fact that technology is developing at a faster rate than ever before, every passing year gives us more smart solutions to everyday challenges.  While many cool, new products aid in our communication, the ones we like the most make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle.

And although these brilliant inventions might not save the world, they will certainly help save your teeth…

1.  Wino Sippers

These weird-looking wine glasses were designed with your teeth in mind.  Though they might slightly resemble kids’ sippy cups, they’re definitely for grownups.  Made of actual glass, Wino Sippers hold a full 5 ounces, have a sturdy 3-pointed base and feature a curvy straw that lets you sip on your delicious merlots and pinot noirs without subjecting your teeth to the acidic, staining stuff.  Rejoice that you can now drink red wine without getting that unattractive reddish-brown smile!

2.  Pocket Dentist

You can’t always carry around your toothbrush and floss, nor can you even make it to a sink sometimes.  Enter the Swiss Army Knife of the dental health world – this handy little gadget can hook onto your keychain so you’re ready for any smile-related issue anywhere, anytime.  You can find various versions out there, but most have some version of a magnifying mirror, pick, brush and tongue scraper.

3.  Hand-Washing & Tooth-Brushing Timer

The unfortunate reality is that few among us let our hygiene tasks last as long as they should to truly be effective.  But with this smart little timer that easily attaches to your bathroom mirror and is powered by 3 AAA batteries, you can take the guesswork out of it and let the timer tell you when you’ve washed or brushed for long enough.

4.  Plaque Revealing Tablets

Do you pat yourself on the back for a job well done after you brush and floss?  Well, perhaps you shouldn’t be so self-congratulatory… but only plaque-revealing rinses or tablets will tell.  These seemingly-magic products will immediately reveal how good of a job you’re doing on dental hygiene by turning any leftover plaque on your teeth a bright color.

There are even some that turn old plaque and newer plaque different colors so you can tell whether the damage is recent or built up over time.  This is not meant to catch you out but simply to help you learn where you might need to improve your dental care routine.

5.  Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizers

The thing you’re using to clean your teeth ought to be perfectly clean itself or you don’t feel like you’re doing much good.  There are plenty of high-end UV toothbrush sanitizers on the market, but if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable that functions as a protector, travel case and sanitizer, then you might want to check out these smart little pods.  You replace them every 3 months along with your toothbrush and they wipe out fungi and bacteria through active vapors from a natural compound derived from the herb, thyme.

Dentist Disclaimer:  Using these super cool, smart products alone will not guarantee healthy teeth.  Be sure to visit a professional dentist at least twice a year.

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