Professional Whitening vs. At-Home Treatments

whiteningWhen you smile in a mirror, do you ever lightly cringe at the less-than-white color of your teeth?  Sure you do. 

And if you could go back in time, perhaps you’d avoid the coffee and red wine.  But since we don’t have access to a time machine quite yet, the only choice is whitening treatments.

There are, of course, a number of ways you can whiten your teeth. When you decide it’s time to lighten up your smile, you’ll have to choose between going into a dentist’s office to have it done professionally or getting an at-home kit to whiten your teeth yourself. And it can be difficult to know which is best or if spending the extra money on a professional treatment is actually worth it.

So, we thought it was time to explore the pros and cons of both these approaches:

At Home Treatments

Getting your teeth whitened in the comfort of your own home is a very popular option and for good reason. First off, there are simply so many options to choose from. 

Let’s start with whitening rinses – while very easy to use, they aren’t very effective at giving you noticeable results.  So, if it’s just an extremely subtle change you’re after, this could be a good choice for you.

Then there are whitening toothpastes that you can replace your regular toothpaste with. You should be aware, however, that whitening toothpastes work by scrubbing away the outer layer of tooth enamel, so harsher whitening toothpastes can lead to sensitive teeth over time.

Gel strips may be better for people with sensitive teeth, since they rely on bleach rather than an abrasive agent.  This can be an effective solution for some and may be a great way to maintain whitened teeth but there is risk of getting an uneven effect.

The fastest way to whiten teeth at home is to use a whitening tray. However, these trays could irritate your gums since they aren’t necessarily custom-made to fit your mouth exactly.

Professional Treatments

The dentist office may be able to provide a much more professional service and a higher degree of care. Custom-made trays are used by most professional dentists and since the whole procedure is under expert supervision, a stronger bleaching solution can be used for more effective results.

Dentists also have an added advantage in being able to handle expert tools that can use light or heat to speed the process up significantly. Some dentists may also allow for the use of custom-made trays at home.

So, Which is Best?

For the most efficient way to whiten and to eliminate risk of uneven applications or damage to teeth, it’s best to visit a professional and get an in-office treatment done.

When you get your teeth whitened here at One Mag Smile, you have several options.  First, you’ll get to decide exactly what sort of effect you want, from the subtle to the more dramatic, when you choose how many shades whiter you’d like to go.

And the whole process can be over and done with in less than hour, so you’re not spending weeks or months messing around with strips or whitening toothpastes that may or may not be having an impact on the color of your teeth.  If you would like a more gradual change, however, you can opt to have  custom-made whitening trays made, which you can wear at home without the risk of whitening solutions damaging gums because of ill-fitting trays.

Regardless of which options you choose, you can rest assured that when you let the professionals handle your teeth whitening that you’ll get expert advice in choosing the method that will work best for you in a way that protects your overall oral health.

Make an appointment today to determine your best route to a whiter and more beautiful smile.

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