Our Responses to the Most Common Excuses for Not Flossing


Flossing BlogCould you imagine if it were common for people to say, “Yes, I know that eating vegetables is necessary for my health, but I just don’t like them, so I don’t”?

The only people that can get away with a statement like that are children… and even they have to suck it up and eat their broccoli anyway.

Yet when it comes to flossing, many intelligent adults decide that this healthy habit is just not for them. No matter how many times they’re told how important it is, there’s always an excuse not to. So, we’re here to shoot those excuses down and convince you that there’s no good reason not to floss!


Excuse #1: I Don’t Have Time to Floss

Our Response:

We all have super busy lives – this is just a fact of modern, adult life. “I’m too busy” has become the default excuse for anything we don’t really feel like doing. The fact is that you do have time for the things that you prioritize, because you think they’re important. You have time to binge watch the new season of House of Cards… that’s never a problem, right?

Flossing is probably the single most important thing you can do for your dental health (yes, even more important than brushing), so if you want to keep your own teeth for years to come, then it’s high time to make time for flossing. And let’s get real, it’s 2 minutes a day and no matter how busy you are, you can spare it.


Excuse #2: I Don’t Know How to Floss

Our Response:

As smart grownups, it can be hard to admit that we don’t know how to do something that we should know how to do by now. But if you’re not a pro flosser, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Here’s the good news: it’s not that hard to floss well and it’s easy to learn. You can check out YouTube tutorials on flossing, read articles about it or even ask your dentist for a live lesson at your next appointment. The point is, if you don’t know how to floss, there are plenty of resources for educating yourself.


Excuse #3: I Don’t Need to Floss

Our Response:

YES YOU DO! Sorry for shouting, but it’s important to understand that everyone needs to floss. There is no person on Earth who has special teeth that don’t need flossing. We all have bacteria in our mouth all the time, and that bacteria forms plaque between your teeth. If you don’t floss it away, it hardens and forms tartar that can eventually lead to gum disease if not removed.


Excuse #4: My Gums Hurt & Bleed When I Floss

Our Response:

If you haven’t been consistently flossing for a while, then it’s normal to have a bit of pain and bleeding when you start. In fact, this is just a sign that you really do need to floss and see the dentist. Bleeding can be a sign that your gums are tender and inflamed, a possible sign of gum disease. Once you get a professional cleaning and begin flossing regularly, it should not cause any pain or bleeding.


We hope this has convinced you that there’s no good excuse for not flossing. It’s time to bite the bullet, give up the fight and take up this healthy habit.

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