Cool Tools to Change Up Your Dental Routine‏

Imagine: you wake up, slip your feet into your favorite house shoes, and stumble into your bathroom to take part in your same ol’ boring morning routine…

Except, this time, something’s different!

Your mouth winds up feeling cleaner, and as a result you feel more confident and energetic throughout the day. You couldn’t be prouder of your smile, and you actually look forward to going through your nightly dental routine when you get home this evening.

How could this be?

Well, unfortunately the tooth fairy isn’t real… so she didn’t sneak into your house at midnight and use her magic fairy dust to make Water Flosseryou suddenly adore oral care.

However, One Mag Smile has a few suggestions for cool dental tools that could lead you down the path to fewer cavities, a more effective dental routine, and a happier six months checkup.

1.  A Better Way To Floss

While it is not uncommon to skip a nightly brush on accident, people everywhere are skipping their daily floss on purpose. It isn’t fun to floss, and sometimes it’s downright painful too.

Fortunately, there’s now a product on the market that not only makes flossing less painful and more fun, but that also makes it more effective at preventing gingivitis. Water flossers are easy to use for individuals with braces, crowns, implants, bridges, and diabetes. Basic models only cost about $40. At that price, you can’t afford not to pick one up.

2. A Dental Double-Check

Plaque revealing rinses are typically marketed towards children, but even an adult could benefit from giving them a try. While we all like to think that we are doing a good job with our brushing, plaque has a special way of sneaking up on us. Using a plaque revealing rinse right after your first brushing of the day could be crucial to making sure that your teeth are truly clean and safe from painful cavities.

3.  A Way To Banish Bad BreathTongue Scraper

Your mother wasn’t nagging you for nothing when she used to tell you to brush your tongue as a kid. In fact, most of the bacteria that causes bad breath resides on the tongue. Furthermore, these same bacteria may also contribute to tooth decay, gum infections, gum recession, the loss of teeth, and periodontal problems in general. In some cases, they may be difficult to get rid of via regular brushing due to thick plaque and/or food residue.

These issues could be avoided with the addition of a good, stainless steel tongue scraper to your morning dental routine. The benefits of using a tongue scraper go beyond better dental hygiene and avoiding horrible halitosis, though. Scraping your tongue daily can also remove buildup that blocks your taste buds, allowing you to better enjoy every bite of your favorite foods.

These three cool tools to change up your dental routine only require a minimal amount of effort on your part to implement. Yet, they could double or even triple the efficacy of your dental routine.

Better yet, they might even make taking care of your teeth a little more interesting. Don’t miss out; see where you could pick them up today.

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