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8 Research-Backed Reasons to Smile

Smiling: for most it happens subconsciously and with very little effort, but there are some seriously beneficial and scientifically proven reasons that smiling benefits us and those around us. People don’t communicate through voice and gesture alone, your facial expressions are by far the most powerful communication tools we have, as they frame the context […]

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8 Halloween Treat Alternatives that Are Good for Teeth

Halloween is prime cavity season for children and adults – there’s candy everywhere and all of the party food and treats we love are made with obscene quantities of sugar. But there are alternatives to candy this Halloween, and it’s not all doom and gloom for neighborhood trick-or-treaters, some of the treats are just as […]

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Dental Veneers 101 – What You Need to Know

Here’s a little dental secret I’ll let you in on: Almost all celebrities who have stunningly gorgeous, flawless teeth have dental veneers.  Sure, those folks may be more attractive than the average person, but they weren’t all magically born with those toothpaste commercial smiles. 

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8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

The reasons people go to a dentist to get cosmetic work done are many and varied.  A good cosmetic dentist can help fix everything from gaps between teeth, to stained teeth to facial wrinkles to teeth grinding. But, it’s very important that before embarking on a cosmetic procedure, that you educate yourself about what to […]

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5 Ways Invisalign is Better Than Braces

There is no better first impression than an amazing smile, which is why many parents make sure that their children’s teeth are straightened at a young age. But not everyone with a slightly crooked smile gets orthodontic treatments when they’re a kid.  So they grow up covering their teeth for pictures or learning to smile […]

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These 5 Lifestyle Changes Will Improve Your Oral Health

The reason that so many people develop serious dental issues that require serious interventions is not because oral health is so difficult to maintain.  On the contrary, it’s fairly easy to keep up healthy teeth. The reason dental problems are so common is because many people aren’t consistent about taking care of their teeth.  And […]

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