8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

545653437_5a1b7b17c0_zThe reasons people go to a dentist to get cosmetic work done are many and varied.  A good cosmetic dentist can help fix everything from gaps between teeth, to stained teeth to facial wrinkles to teeth grinding.

But, it’s very important that before embarking on a cosmetic procedure, that you educate yourself about what to expect and do your homework to find an experienced professional with a proven track record of excellence. 

One great way to vet cosmetic dentist options is to meet for a consultation and bring along a list of questions to ask.  A good dentist will be happy to take the time to answer your questions, clarify any confusions and put you at ease.

Here, we suggest 8 key questions to ask and what you should expect  to hear.

  1. What is the best procedure for my issue, and what specific advantages will come from that?
  2. What are some other options? For example, “Why should I choose to get Botox instead of a surgery that will keep my teeth grinding at bay for my entire life?”
  3. What is your background and experience in cosmetic dentistry in general and this procedure in particular?  And how does that set you apart from other dentists?
  4. Do you mind showing me some before and after pictures of your other patients who completed the same procedure as I will?
  5. Can I contact other patients, like these people in the before and after picture, and ask them about their experience?
  6. Are there ever complications during the procedure, how do you handle them, and how should I be expected to handle them?
  7. How long will I expect these results to last? What will I be expected to do to maintain the results?
  8. If I don’t feel satisfied with the results, what steps would you take in order to help me out?

A dentist should respond to all of these questions very thoroughly with factual evidence on why each procedure, alternative, pricing and more are best for you.

It’s also very important for you to take careful note of the way the dentist is personally explaining these answers. You should look for a dentist who is comfortable answering your questions, strives to explain things clearly and makes you feel comfortable.

If you feel any sense of hesitation about the doctor’s experience, skill or even their patience level while talking to you, it’s probably best that you seek someone else who can better put your mind at ease.

Given that the procedure may entail a personal investment and will impact your appearance, it’s important that you choose the right person to do the job.  There’s no such thing as asking too many questions or doing too much research before making this kind of commitment.  You’ll know you have the right dentist when you feel confident, comfortable and excited about the results you’ll soon see.

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