8 Halloween Treat Alternatives that Are Good for Teeth

Halloween is prime cavity season for children and adults – there’s candy everywhere and all of the party food and treats we love are made with obscene quantities of sugar.

But there are alternatives to candy this Halloween, and it’s not all doom and gloom for neighborhood trick-or-treaters, some of the treats are just as tasty and fun as their candy counterparts.

Hotdog mummies1.  Hotdog Mummies

Not the healthiest option on our list but great to take the place of more sugary party foods. Use pastry, cut into thin strips to turn you hotdogs into spooky mummies. These don’t take long to bake and are a novel option for themed party food in the place of icing laden cakes and sugary cookies.

2.  Yogurt Drops

Available in health food stores these little buttons of tasty yogurt look like white chocolate drops but have much less sugar or in some cases no added sugar whatsoever.  You can also find yogurt covered raisins or nuts, which are tasty and a whole lot healthier than candy.  If you want to make an activity out of it, you can always do your own yogurt-dipping treats at home.

3.  Eyeball grapes

Using grapes and little creativity, you can make a wide range of eyeball related treats.

4.  Sugarless Gum

Great for older kids who may not be so easy to convince of the virtues of looking after your teeth on Halloween, sugarless gum tastes great and won’t add to their sugar intake.

5. Toys

Toys or small party favors are a very popular substitute for high sugar candies. Little inexpensive amusements such as yoyos, novelty erasers, toy cars, finger puppets and whistles are particularly popular with elementary school children. For older children there are temporary tattoos, stickers and bracelets.

6.   Sugarless candy

This is a no brainer, especially if you’d still like to hand out candy. The range of sugar free candy available has grown Sugarfree Candyimmensely over the past few years and there are some great options out there. There are also many retailers who specialise in sugar free confectionary, particularly online.

7.   String Cheese

String cheese is tasty, fun and much easier on tiny teeth than a chocolate bar. Particularly popular with smaller children these cheesey treats normally come individually wrapped as well making them easy to give away to trick or treaters.

8.   Carrot fingers

Bags of carrot sticks with a label reading, “Severed Fingers” were a surprise hit last year in Halloween celebrations. What other healthy snack could benefit from a Halloween makeover?

Here a few final things to remember during this seasonal celebration:

  1. If you or your child does eat candy ensure that everyone brushes and flosses afterwards, the sooner the better.
  2. Keep sugar consumption to a minimum – instead of snacking on it all day, save it for once, as a treat after dinner, followed by brushing.
  3. Don’t make healthy treats into a chore – if you make good choices fun you will have a better chance of success!
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