5 Ways Invisalign is Better Than Braces

9484869681_b6c1a57845_mThere is no better first impression than an amazing smile, which is why many parents make sure that their children’s teeth are straightened at a young age.

But not everyone with a slightly crooked smile gets orthodontic treatments when they’re a kid.  So they grow up covering their teeth for pictures or learning to smile with their lips closed.

And when they do decide to do something about their smile, many think that the only option is to suffer through a year or more of unsightly metal braces.  This leaves you to decide which is worse: crooked teeth or metal teeth?

Enter Invisalign…over the past 10 years people have realized that this revolutionary orthodontic treatment can straighten teeth without obvious metal braces.

Braces and Invisalign both fix overbites, cross bite, under bite, crowding and spacing but what does Invisalign do that braces don’t? Below we touch on the main reasons Invisalign is a better choice for most people.


If you’ve never had braces, you may not understand how painful eating can be after the required monthly tightening – it’s not unusual to only be able to have liquids for a day or two out of every month. On top of this, you literally can’t eat certain foods unless you want to risk breaking the brackets or meticulously picking food bits out of them after you eat.dessert

But when you have Invisalign, you can go on eating normally without any changes.  You can easily remove the transparent teeth-straightening trays to enjoy your meal and then just put them back in when you’re done.


The #1 reason many people choose Invisalign over braces is because of the style. No matter what age you are, braces aren’t attractive.  I’ve never even met a child or a teen who enjoys wearing them.  Unfortunately, many even adults aren’t above judging others based on their appearance and traditional braces can significantly alter your look for the worse.  This change could even impact your career and your dating life.prettysmile

With Invisalign, though, no one has to be the wiser that you’re wearing them.  They’re made specifically for you, so they fit exactly over your teeth.  Once you get used to talking with them in, it’s likely that no one will even notice they’re there.

Appointment Convenience

Braces call for visits to the dentist every 2-4 weeks in most cases. For busy adults this can be very disruptive to your work and social life. Invisalign a patient only need to visit the office once every 4-6 weeks.  Of course we love to see you any time you come in for a visit, but we understand that this isn’t your favorite place to spend time.


Braces can very uncomfortable for some. The metal tooth brackets can irritate your gums and cheeks, especially when eating chewy foods. Thankfully Invisalign is very smooth and rarely causes any comfort issues. They may feel a bit funny at first, but after a very brief adjustment period, they shouldn’t bother you at all.


The most common thing that dentists have to be tough on patients about is flossing – no matter how important people know it is, so many don’t do it well.  Brushing your teeth is easy and the results seem obvious. Flossing, on the other hand, calls for a more intricate application that can be a little messy. With braces, the process is even more challenging and sometimes requires double the time. Invisalign allows you to take off your straightener and floss and brush freely as you normally would.

If you’ve always wanted to straighten your smile but have held back because of your fear of braces, now is the time to explore Invisalign as an option.  Though it’s not the right solution for everyone, it works for most.  Come in for a consultation today and we can let you know if it’s the best choice for your needs.




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